pondělí 30. června 2014

Review: Beauty Blender (BB)

Beauty blender is my little helper with my daily make-up routine. It's like all brushes in one- you can apply a concealer, make-up, powder, blush etc. with it. I have got two version of beauty blender- one is original and the other one is fake.

So BB is a sponge for make-up and other cosmetic products which you use. Before every use you have to
get the sponge wet- the sponge gets bigger and because of wet, the make-up don't soak to the sponge. So it perfectly transfers make-up to your skin.

Of course, you regularly have to clean it. If you don't have the special cleaner, you can put on the BB little shampoo and put the make-up of with your fingers.

This original BB really surprised me. I have heard about it before but, I didn't believe that it'll have this awesome result. I had one before this one- the fake. It was awful.. The make-up stayed on the sponge and soaked into it. I couldn't do with it my make-up so after few using I put it back to the bottom of cosmetic's box. So at first, I didn't trust the original.

BUT! When I unpack the original BB, I knew that it'll be superior that the fake BB. It's so soft, nice to touching, it has got better texture and better shape. First application? The original BB beautifully incorporate the make-up or other product to your skin and make the velvety finish! So beautiful! If you have an acne skin, this can cover ugly pimples more than fingers or brushes. It evenly covers your imperfections and unites your skin. I don't know how I can describe it otherwise.