pondělí 19. května 2014

New in

Hi ladies, today I'm going to show you my new stuff from. Some of them were on my wish-list and some of them I bought because of good prize.

So the first product are Douglas XLarge Cosy cleansing wipes. These one I always wanted to try because my favourite bloggers are talking about them always like the best cleansing wipes ever! The reason why I buy it up to now was really simple- I have many cleansing water, micellar watter etc., but I just wanted to try it :)
I like this product for cleansing my skin but not to remove my eye make-up because don't like when I have to rub the eye area. I've got better eye make-up remover so these wipes I only use it for my skin and I really like it!

neděle 4. května 2014

Trip to England- part 1

Hi! Today I'm going to show you something from my trip to England. I have been there for five days and I totally enjoyed this trip.

So first, the journey. I really don't like travelling by bus, it's uncomfortable and sometimes I get sick. The journey lasted for 18hours + we travelled by a ferry (it lasted for two hours). I didn't sleep very well in the bus, but on the ferry I slept well because of the waves I was feeling sick so I rather went sleep.

When we came to the UK, we travelled a lot by bus. First, we walked around Big Ben, Westminster Abbey. Do you know series called Friends? I loved it and with my friends we made a fun of it when Joey says: London baby! If you've seen it, you’ll understand this :D